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Graphics & Illustration

It’s been a while since I’ve gushed over the design of a can or bottle, so I feel compelled to tell you that the design on this can is glorious, as with most of the other labels on their beers. It has a totally non-nonchalant bear holding a bazooka firing, you guessed it, a rocket. If that’s not enough, the text at the bottom eloquently reads: ‘Fuck yeah, Rocket Bear! An explosively good IPA.’ And in case you didn’t know, that just appeals to me on a basic level, making me think the beer is aimed specifically and exclusively at me.
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I also make standout pitch decks.


Some examples of what the written word can do.


UBREW is like a gym, but you get less healthy. Sign up, come down and use our gear to brew really good beer. But the buck doesn't stop there. We at UBREW also brew our own range of badass beers labelled up with super radical artwork. Hard hitting goses, hazey NEIPAs and soul-consuming stouts all grace our fermenters in order to smash your tastebuds like a sledgehammer smashes a watermelon.


Octobear is an international incident in a can. Belgian saison yeast bumps chests with Japanese Sorachi Ace hops in a bro-greeting that sends shockwaves across the palates of hundreds of unsuspecting beer drinkers. Funky notes are abundant.

Journeys by Design

Surrounded by holy forests and sacred land, the Kinondo Kwetu resort sits on the Indian Ocean's Galu Beach, near the border with Tanzania, and a mere 15 minute drive from the Ukunda Airstrip.

Kinondo Kwetu is a spacious resort – seemingly endless amounts of green grass roll towards the sun-bleached beach, interrupted here and there by footpaths leading visitors to one or another of the resort's attractions. There's the ergonomically designed Lake Pool, spanning 23 metres both ways, a smaller 10 metre pool tucked under the shade near the beach, the luxurious mainhouse, the sauna, the yoga house, the horse stables and paddocks, boat house, tennis courts and the office and shop – from which guests can access the internet. The mainhouse is the indoor lounge area, decorated with african sculpture, pottery and carvings. The furniture is comprised of dark wood, soft weave and comfortable cushions – all centred around the large ornate hanging lantern, suspended through a hole in the ceiling from the room above. The main house also provides some serene balcony areas.

Kinondo Kwetu encourages an atmosphere of freedom by having no fixed dining area – the three course lunch is taken on the beach, while dinner can be served under the night's sky, or even in the water tower. The chefs of the resort take good advantage of what's in proximity, and a key ingredient of the food served here is local fish. Meat and vegetables are also sourced locally, making the food at the Kinondo Kwetu as much as part of the stay as the surroundings are.

With just 16 rooms and a maximum capacity of 36 guests, the Kinondo Kwetu is an intimate place. Each room has its own personalised character, all coming with king sized beds, fans and mosquito nets. Available are cottages, suites, double rooms, twin rooms and child friendly rooms. Many rooms have verandas and balconies, and all are extremely comfortable.

Activities include watersports, fishing, golf, horse riding, tours, game drives, spa treatment and boat excursions.

Double Up

Pliny the Elder is a legend among beer. Definitive of Double IPAs, the beer is named after the old Greek guy who, on an IBU fuelled bender of Ancient Grecian proportions, gave hops their botanical name: Lupus Salictarius, meaning "Wolf amongst the shrubs". That's kind of decision you don't make sober.

Bill and Ted style, we're going to help you meet Pliny himself on Saturday the 30th of May, with a Double IPA brewing course following a Pliny Clone Recipe. Sign up here. Righteous, dudes!

US Tap Attack

What could be more American than Tom Cruise flying a jet plane through a wall of exploding hot dogs while Uncle Sam wails on a badass guitar solo, watched by a bald eagle crying a single tear at the sheer beauty of it all? The answer is the UBREW US TAP TAKEOVER happening on October 10th.

Appreciate the taste of beautiful yankee brews like The Orange Curtain IPA and Don Perfecto Horchata Witbier by Barley Forge Brewing, Ally Cat Amber, Eight Ball Stough and Indica IPA by Lost Coast, and Prospect Pale by Twisted Manzanita.

Carefully curated by an American in the flesh provided by our friends at Ales by Mail, you can find the full offerings of this beast of a day on their blog.


Responsive Design

Modern users don't just sit at a computer to surf. They're on their phones, tablets, laptops and more. Your website has to work on a small screen just as well as it works on a large one. It doesn't matter if someone's using a Mac hooked up to projecter or tapping on their Apple Watch. Your website needs to work. And it will.

Competent Design

Good design needs an experienced designer. And bad design costs more than just cash. Five years of modern web development and eight years of graphic design doesn't just come across in the visuals - it proves itself in conversion rates. Make more sales, get more leads and make a better impression with a well put together site.

Some web things I've made


Not just a talker

As the Co-founder of UBREW, the UK's first and most successful open brewery, I know how to launch and run a business. We've raised hundreds of thousands of pounds in investment and sales and become the market leader. You can too.

Crowdfunding Expert

Having run wildly successful crowdfunding campaigns, talked at Crowdfunding events and built an in-house crowdfunding platform, we can get your business rolling before launch.

Startup Native

I've worked in and with startups my entire professional life. I know how to make a lot with a little, and how to lead on a project if and when it's needed. I can also bring the startup fast paced mentality to larger companies. Let's build your stuff together.

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